Traveling with little kids doesn’t surprise anyone right now. Diapers, mashed potatoes, refrigerator bags, baby hammocks and other gadgets make life much easier for modern parents. And yet the fears of the parents, especially those who go for the first time with the child, are ample. It’s scary that the child will get sick, scream on the plane if their ears are closed, or that the acclimation will be heavy. I will tell you how to prepare for a trip with a child.

  Don’t think that the rest with the baby will be like the rest before his birth

The sooner you realize that, the better for everyone. Time to read a book or a magazine on the beach, to swim quietly in the waves, relaxation with a cup of coffee, probably won’t happen. Or it will be in a very narrow state, and not when you need it. Visiting all the sights in the area, as you have done before, is unlikely either. So it’s better to make a list in advance of what you want to do, see, buy on the road. When the first two or three days have passed on the new site, you will be able to distribute your list evenly over the days, leaving everything at the end of the trip. The main thing is not to panic or get upset, but to go quietly or with the child where you want it, when it is fed and in a good mood.

  Keep in mind that in travel the child develops better than in kindergarten or in circles

Any trip for the child is new impressions (hotel, new park, different picture on the street), new food, new faces and different situations: there are no usual swing-carousels on the playground, can suddenly rain and so on. Where else would a child encounter these things at once? And the experience will come in handy sooner or later, at the most unexpected moments.

  Treat travel as a part of life

When you take the child on the road, don’t think the      journey is a temporary inconvenience. Thoughts like «oh, we would only survive the flight» or «we will now go away, be somewhere else, and then come back home, and all will be well» will not give confidence. On the contrary, all you’re going to do is wait for it to be over and you’re going home. Flying by plane, driving by car or train should not simply be the time period during which the body simply moves from point A to point B – it is the same life as everything else.

  Well, don’t worry!!!

Driving with the kids seems scary until you’ve made the first move. When you’re in the process of doing it, it’s much easier to do it than you imagined on the beach. For example, when I first got on a plane with my three-month-old son, I had to literally not panic over the fact that he might have his ears up for takeoff. I was just keeping a bottle of water ready. As a result, everything went smoothly, and I concluded that you shouldn’t invent a problem until you’ve faced it.

 Take some food for the baby

Even if you only fly for two hours and you know that at the airport you will go to a cafe or a business hall, the baby’s food and drink must always be with you. It is a rule that can never be ignored. Moreover, passengers with children are not prohibited from transporting liquids and other foodstuffs. First of all, the baby might get hungry on the way to the airport. Second, you can get stuck in the queue or stop for a security check before you can get to the cafe, because you have to get on a plane. Third, the flight may be delayed or postponed.

You can take crackers cut into pieces of dried fruit, all sorts of bakers with granola, cookies, mini-dryers. Think about what your little boy loves, but what you rarely give him. A trip – just such a moment when you can allow to eat a chup-chup or a kinder surprise – from one time there is no harm.

 Think of a set of toys to take with you on the plane

There’s another rule: there’s no such thing as toys on the road. It’s a parent’s job to organize and design a child’s airplane activity. All children are different, and what will be your child’s entertainment – only you can know. During the journey, you have to become a bit of a magician who, at the most unexpected moment, can bring out a new notebook, typewriter, mini-constructor, stickers or pencils.

 Prepare the child for the trip

Of course, this paragraph does not apply to infants up to a year. And with older children, it is worth talking about the journey ahead. Explain where you’re going and why you’re going, what you’re going to do there. Show a child photos or videos of the sea, mountains, cities or tell an interesting story about a new place.

I always tell my kids about baggage check, passport control, customs, answering all his questions, and always getting him a booklet with airport stickers.

You came to ask for help

This applies more to those travelling with children under the age of three. When you get on a plane, for example, families with these babies always get in line. And it saves a lot of time and effort and makes life easier. If priority landing is not announced in the microphone, you can calmly walk to the counter and ask if you will be allowed to pass.In 99.9% of cases, the answer is yes.

 Remember that it is good for children everywhere if there are relaxed parents

The kids instantly feel our state and mood. They’re like a sponge absorbing what we’re experiencing, and they start to act the same way. So, make sure you’re positive in advance, think of the journey not as a rest, but as a change of scenery and new pleasant impressions.