The Montesoris toys- one of the best choise to entertain and to develop your child in a long trip.


What is the Montessori method?It was designed by Maria Montessori in 1897. The Montessori method is a child-centred approach to education and development that encompasses practical, multi-sensory actions.Based on Montessori’s observations of how children naturally learn, this method encourages parents and teachers to create a space full of toys and games suitable for development, and then allow children to choose for themselves what they want to play. In order to practice the Montessori method, it is simply necessary to provide an appropriate environment without obstacles. What is your role? To watch and gently direct your child as he learns without imposing his game. The aim is to bring children to independence with love. The Montessori method also emphasizes the possibility of learning with all senses, not just listening and observing. Touch, taste or smell as important as listening .

The Montessori method is not simply an approach to academic learning; it can help the child’s development from childhood. The method actually starts at birth and breaks in primary school and in adolescence. An easy way to start using the Montessori method at home with your child is to fill your baby’s playroom with age-appropriate Montessori toys.

1.LiKee Wooden Pattern Blocks Animals Jigsaw Puzzle Sorting and Stacking Games Montessori Educational Toys for Toddlers Kids Boys Girls Age 3+ Years Old (36 Shape Pieces& 60 Design Cards in Iron Box)

With this set, kids can create what is shown on the cards or create their own shapes, which are great for developing imagination, fine motor skills, color and shape recognition!You can play a card game with your child, or just pick one card at random and build what is shown in the diagram.Children can try to create what is shown on the cards, or create their own shapes, this will encourage their creativity and fine motor skills, while they learn to sort the wooden parts according to shape and color and create patterns.This game develops spatial imagination, color and shape recognition, hand-eye coordination, development of fine motor skills.

2.Learning Resources Wooden Pattern Blocks, Early Math Concepts, Set of 250, Ages 3+

Children use these universal wooden tangram blocks to form drawings, count and study colors! In the set of 250 wooden blocks of tangram in 6 forms and 6 colors – all this in a convenient bank for storage…

3. ZaxiDeel Wooden Geoboard Mathematical Manipulative Matrix 10×10 Learning Material 3+


The game “Math Tablet” is also called “Math Board” and is a field for creating an infinite number of lines and shapes. The flat base and the pins are like a sheet of paper and dots between which you can draw lines using rubber rings. In addition, figures of various shapes and sizes are put on the pins: circles, squares, triangles and rhombuses, which allows you to use a mathematical tablet for preschoolers as a basis for creating a variety of pictures.

The game is good because you can play it with the child: give tasks and monitor their implementation, or you can leave the child alone with her – let him create, fantasize and simulate.

In the process of interacting with the tablet, cognitive processes develop, the baby learns to solve his problems, based on these conditions: a specific number of pins, a certain distance between them. At the same time, fine motor skills are being improved (after all, the rubber bands need to be carefully fastened), perseverance and strong-willed qualities.

Imperceptibly during the game, the child learns mathematics: he determines the middle of the field or the middle of one of the sides – he counts. Marks the field into separate areas – learns the concepts of parts and the whole, gets an idea of ​​symmetry, etc. Even if the kid does not yet know the names of these actions, the acquired skills will make it easier to learn math at school.

4.New Sky Enterprises Montessori Single Shape Puzzles Kids First Wooden Puzzle Hardwood Geometric Puzzle Board Matching Games Large Size Geography Pattern Material Geoboardfor Toddler 1+

When your child are playing with the inlays, babies learn to find the right cells by choosing the shape of a figurine.
The inlets help the child develop small motor skills, logical thinking, imagination and memory.
Frame-liners are offered to 1-year-old babies – this can be considered as the first step to folding puzzles, and will also stimulate interest in other types of developmental toys.
The essence of the game is to remove from the tablet the image cut in it and then return it. Sometimes it’s very difficult to do it, because you have to choose the insert correctly to the frame, you have to turn it exactly and insert it.
The lessons with the frame-liners develop the hand and eye-scanner, you can also study with the child color, count the images, suggest listening to a short story about the characters depicted on the liners, so that the child repeats it. This exercise is a good memory.
And you can use the figurines in the painting, like the stencils, the baby can wrap them around and then decorate them.

5. Resulzon Bright Colorful Homeschooling School Wooden Number Cards And Counting Stick Rods With Box for Fu