Is there really a need for a car seat, when you are driving with a child and how to choose the best car seats?


This question worries all parents … So this problem should being solved before you will go home, with your newborn baby, from hospital. All of the crash tests performed the information, that being in a car seat increases child’s chances of survival in a car accident for more than threefold. Only according to this info, the car seat is valuable in itself.
As all we know, the crash test is the hypothetical accident with the passenger dummy. The “passenger”, which is on a backseat, while not wearing a belt, in a sudden collision, even at a relatively low speed (30- 40 mph), impacts strongly against the front seat and is then thrown back. In most cases, the test doll falls a few meters from the car when it hits the window. The reproduction of a situation, in which an adult is holding a child in front of him, shows us a different picture, but, alas, just as frightening. An adult cant to keep a small child dummy by his hands. In this scenario, baby’s dummy gets hard hit by the front seat. But in another scenario , when baby’s dummy is in the car seat and is fastened by the seat belts, the end of the crash-test was hopeful ,baby’s dummy stand on the car seats .Therefore, by using a car seat, you can avoid all unsafe games of the child, like try to unlock the door or distract the driver.

If you want to choose the best car seat for you baby, there are few very important points, you have to
pay attention to:

– number of the seat belts.
– weight and age groups of the car seats.
– easy to install of the car seat.
– ease washing and cleaning textile covers
– number of backrest tilt positions.